Monday, January 26, 2004

Mission Statement & House Rules

Mission Statement
I'm an Iraqi guy who lived most of his life outside Iraq. My parents had the foresight to realise that the country was going down the drain, and decided to leave before it was too late. I'm quite proud of the fact that I had never lived one day under the rule of Saddam.

This blog is the ravings and rantings of an outsider peering into the inside. Unfortunately, I do not have the advantage of other Iraqi bloggers who live inside reporting on their daily lives, and experiences. I will mostly comment on political/social events that are affecting Iraq. If there any specific events that happened in Iraq and I mention them, then be aware that they will be second hand information gained through my friends and relatives living there.

House Rules
1. This blog is not intended to be politically correct. So, if you get offended/upset/angry by any of my comments, then *TOUGH*

2. In due course, I will add a comments section. This will be the readers zone, I will not respond to any questions or do admin work to control it. All I ask from readers is to mind their manners and not use abusive words if they happen to disagree with anybody. Discuss the idea and not the person.However, if I find something interesting, I will comment on it in later blogs.

3. Don't bother sending long emails reminding me of the fact that I don't live in Iraq. I openly admit that.

4. Abusive/Hateful/Deathwish.. etc..emails will be posted in the blog with sender's email visible, so that he/she can be pestered by others, if they feel like it.

5. I will add any other rules as I go along.

Welcome to Iraqi Spirit Blog... Lets roll


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