Thursday, February 05, 2004

Aljazeera Banned

Few days ago the IGC banned Aljazeera. While I’m very critical of Aljazeera’s current affairs programs, which place Iraq and Iraqis in bad light on most occasions, I have to admit that their news are top notch in regards to daily affairs. It’s kind of an alternative to that of CNN and FOX news. The ban stemmed from a program (It was discussing Israeli infiltrations inside Iraq), which accused a minister of being an agent of some country security services (I think it was Czechoslovakia) when he used to live there. The accusations that were lobbed at the minister at the time were in my opinion defamatory, and there was nothing to back them up apart from gossip and rumours. But, I have to disagree with the ban concept, the IGC, should have taken legal action to protect the minister involved. What they have done reminds me of the time where Saddam passed laws which more or less stated, “you are either with us or against us”. As an Iraqi, I would like the IGC to rescind the ban, take legal action against Aljazeera, and make them pay in a law of court. This will teach Iraqis in particular, that even the people in power will refer to the courts if they were wronged, and falsely accused, instead of handing out punishments like Saddam used to do in kangaroo courts or no courts at all. The IGC should not miss this chance, and make a shining example of itself to follow.



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