Sunday, February 01, 2004


It seems that the final rehabilitation process of the madman of Tripoli (Qadafi) is underway. Few months ago, the UK and the US settled their last differences with him in regards to Lockerbie. In a bit of a theatrical moment, he has also given up his WMD’s programme (Not that there was anything of use). The world today is ready again to deal with this guy. Libya has not changed to the better, it is still ruled by a corrupt dictator. Abuse of human rights is widely prevalent, democracy is as far as ever, and nepotism is the name of the game. Unfortunately, western governments have adopted the mantra of “business as usual”, and are getting ready for some lucrative contracts in rebuilding the Libyan economy. Today, people who live in democratic countries have a historic duty, and a golden opportunity to pressure their governments to extract real concessions from Qadafi, effect real changes, and reforms in Libya for the benefit of its own people. Ordinary people should not compromise on this issue; it is in their best interest to bring about a democratic Libya, that in turn will start a snowball effect in North Africa. Make your voice heard, and pester your representatives, there is no better time than the one we are in right now, it should not be “business as usual” until real changes have taken place.



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