Thursday, February 26, 2004

Miscellaneous Stuff (Part 2)

I have come to the conclusion that the GWB administration suffers from some kind of a split personality disorder. Recently, there was a big hoo-ha about the letter allegedly written by Abu musab al zarqawee in regards to the situation in Iraq.
This letter was published in the pro US Arabic daily Alhayat.Of course, nobody in the administration accused Alhayat of spreading hate or shown their revulsion because of the letter. In fact, in some circles there are suggestions that the administration gave the letter to Alhayat to publish. Compare that to their stance when Aljazeera broadcasts audio tapes of Bin Laden. All hell breaks loose, Aljazeera gets threatened and gets accused of everything under the sun. In the end, both audio tapes and the letter are of the calibre of crap alqaeda have entertained us with over the years. There is nothing new, why is it ok for Alhayat to publish that crap and not for Aljazeera?
The amusing thing in this whole episode is that Alhayat did not publish the letter as it is, but they got the Arabic translation of the English translation, of the original document. Must admit there are some bright sparks in action over here, why not just give them the original? Also, I often wonder if Aljazeera was owned by Rupert Murdoch, would the US administration be as vociferous in its objections as it is now? Personally, I don’t think so, the moment they say anything, Rupert’s boots would be so far up their backside that their roar would be seen more of a whimper.

Also, an interesting story has emerged recently in Khaleej (Sharjah) in regards to the Saddam oil bribes scandal. Some Iraqi guy from Sadr city claims to have forged the documents for money and other unspecified gifts. I do not doubt that Saddam has used such method, but the document produced few weeks ago appears to be questionable at this moment of time. Also, read Jihad Alkhazen of Alhayat 2 cents worth on the matter.

Finally,anybody who is interested in following Iraqi finances should visit Iraqi revenue watch. An excellent website with some good reports, it was created and supported by the Open Society institute. Highly recommended.



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