Thursday, February 19, 2004

Miscellaneous Stuff

I have been going through some Iraqi message boards lately, and came across the following:

“[Jawhar Hussain] What is your opinion about the Kurdish paper presented by the Kurdish members of the Governing Council regarding the project of federal system for Iraq in future?

[Paul Bremer] First we believe that it is important in the new Iraq to find an equation for balance of power between the Centre and the rest of the parts [regions] in the country as one of the problems of Iraq historically has been that the central power was concentrated and strong in Baghdad during the last 80 years. As happened with the regime of Saddam Hussain the dictatorial central authority became the total and totalitarian power. To avoid such a bitter experience there must be an effort to distribute power among the regions in federal system agreed [by all sides]. We according to this theory support the demands of the Kurds to obtain some local authorities provided that these do not surpass the limits of the national unity of Iraq. We in principle do not support any law that will be an initiative for separating any part of Iraq, as we strongly believe in the unity of Iraq. For information, we have explained our opinions to the leaders of the parties and told them we do not agree on the federalism proposed on ethnic and sectarian basis for Iraq an Kurdish leaders know that.”

Jerry, dude, what can I say, you seem to be the only politician ruling Iraq these days, whom genuinely wanting to preserve its territorial integrity. I raise my hat off to you for rejecting the calls for ethnic or sectarian federalism. If Iraqis do adopt a federal structure, then it should be along the same lines of the US or Germany, based on geography. We do not want another Yugoslavia in few years time. I really hope that you, and the US administration do not compromise on this issue ,and keep on advocating it and in the end implementing a sound and strong federal structure that serves all Iraqis, regardless of their background.

On another matter the NYTIMES has published the details of an agreement in regards to elections in Iraq (Free Registration). I just want to know, who was the evil bastard thinking of and proposing to disenfranchise 20-25% of the population and make them wait for their own representatives. So what happens if the low level warfare does not stop and keeps on going, do you intend to keep those people in limbo for an unspecified period of time? How does that equate with a free, democratic Iraq people are trying to achieve? Lots of countries have had troubles, and the people went to vote regardless of the danger. No group whatever the plan should be left behind, if there is a plan, then it should include all Iraqis. There should not be one law for us, and another for them.

On the mobile front, my cousin had to pay $250 to get her own phone and line in the end. This is called “DAY LIGHT ROBBERY”



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