Monday, February 02, 2004

US involvement in arming Saddam.

"P.S. The US did not give Saddam chemical weapons. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta sent Iraq samples of biological samples to be used for disease prevention, which we did for a great many countries, including the former Soviet Union. It's a quantum leap from germ samples to weaponized biological arms. We did not supply them with the technology to convert simple germs on a petri dish to weapons of mass destruction. We NEVER supplied Iraq with chemical weapons!"

I was reading the comments section and came across the above. I beg to differ with this analysis; the US was involved in arming Saddam, supplying him anything from military trucks to WMD components. . This would not have been done without the tacit approval of successive US administrations in providing political/financial help. The link I have provided, is the most detailed list of US companies providing technical know how, and products for his war machine. I have not checked all companies, but look at "UNION CARBIDE's" involvement in exporting the chemical Xylene.

There is no point in denying these facts, whats done is done. I'm sure that if we had the ability to go back in time and change things, then most people would have changed the policy of supporting Saddam, unfortunately, we can't. Today, the onus is on you to prevent this from happening to another nation, you must hold your government accountable at every turn for dealing with dictators, and supporting them. The end does not justify the means. Bin Laden was created/backed by the CIA, only to come back later and haunt them. The biggest WMD's to ordinary people is not nuclear/biological/chemical weapons, but it is the dictators who rule them, and other governments who back them.


4/02/2004 15:34 GMT

I must admit, I found the comments going back and forth quite disturbing. The purpose of this blog was to correct the information of somebody, who was either ill informed or ignorant of the US involvement in arming Saddam. It was not to point finger or accuse anybody.

I’m still puzzled at the way some people concluded that this blog is “ I hate America” blog, and preceded to attack on that basis. If a French/German/Russian, person had said “WE NEVER SUPPLIED” any chemicals to Saddam, I would have, corrected his/her information, as it happens, the person I was replying to was American.

Furthermore, I would like to thank all of my readers who found new enthusiasm towards chemistry, and went on to teach us about Xylene. You could have just clicked on the link I have provided, it explains what Xylene is. I just would like to point out, that all of you budding chemists, were not able to disprove the fact Xylene was used in Saddam’s chemical warfare program, while the “real experts” did prove it was used. I could not care less what it was used for. It could have been used as a primary, secondary, or a cleaning agent, but it was used, and that’s the main point.

Lastly, to the moron who accused me of being alqaeda member/sympathiser. I would like to ask you, where did you get your info from? Please do share, Its news to me. Also, I have got a suggestion for you, instead of accusing people on the net, where it does not matter, why don’t you join homeland security, I hear there are opening for rats there, and besides you can do some decent damage to decent people while getting paid for it. Beats anything you are doing on the net for free buddy

Long Live Iraq


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