Thursday, March 04, 2004

A message to Iraq's enemies.

This blog has been copied verbatim from another website. All I can say, God bless all of Iraq, Iraqis, and the friends of Iraq

"Look the emotion showing by this Kurdish Iraqi player when his team “Iraq” scored a goal today. Look how he hugged his Arabic Iraqi. Look at the black ribbon he is broadly wearing as a tribute to his brothers arabs victims. This picture tells it all.

In fact, today victory over Oman was a message of unity sent by these youngsters. These youngsters (kurd, arab, shi’at. Sunni), like all Iraqis, felt the pain of yesterday massacre. They entered the stadium wearing black ribbons. They put aside their grieve and gave one of the best performance by any Iraqi team. They gave everything they have so that they can deliver the following message to the rest of the world: ” we are belong to a great country, great people and nothing will bend or dent our will of rebuilding Iraq”. When you look at the emotions they exhibited after each goal they scored, the way they cuddled and hugged each other, the tears in their eyes, it really makes you feel your Iraqisms. We really should take a lesson from these gifted youngsters.

Good bless Iraq and its people (Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Assyrians)"



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