Thursday, July 01, 2004

Oh dear....

"The American asked me why we had beaten the prisoners. I said we beat the prisoners because they are all bad people. But I told him we didn't strip them naked, photograph them or fuck them like you did."

To be quite honest with you, I laughed when I read the above quoted comment...

Anyway, just to clarify something over here, those people who were rounded up are criminals. They reside in the Batawieen district of Baghdad (A crime ridden neighbourhood, which most Baghdadi's avoid at all cost. Kind of like East St Louis, which I had the misfortune of getting lost in...hehehe)

At the risk of sounding like a thug, but those people deserve everything that is coming to them. A friend of mine had his uncle, grandad, and cousin kidnapped by gangs from that area on different occassions. They have held ordinary Iraqis hostage for more than a year and unleashed a crime wave on a scale never seen before in Iraq's modern history. I have no sympathy for them, because they are persistant offenders. I have mixed feelings, I want the rule of law to take root in Iraq, but what do you do with somebody brandishing an AK47 ready to steal everything from you, even your life?



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