Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Bright Spark Strikes Again

In a speech to the US House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz urged Congress to authorize US$500 million for the creation of a network of “US-friendly” militias around the world to combat terrorists. While the US already trains and equips armies around the world in the “war on terror”, Wolfowitz is calling on Congress to take those efforts further, by training and equipping private militias

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't successive US governments help create/arm/fund right wing militia's in S. America to combat the spread of communism, only for those militia's to branch into the drugs business which is directly effecting US society today? I don't even want to discuss Bin Laden....

Day after Day P. Wolfowitz proves to me that he is out of touch with whats real.
(I would imagine the BNP/Combat 18 lining up the streets of london to join the new militia... Legalised beating up/killing of others...Wouldn't that be a sight for sore eyes? what do you think povvy..;)...hehehe)

A couple of requests: The comment section is for you to exchange ideas and discuss anything related to the blog. It was not intended as a medium to insult, use profanities, or threaten each other with severe beating. PLEASE keep it clean.

2nd request: I'm in the process of buying a digital camera, want to show off my abilities in the photography department. I will probably create a photo blog once I buy the camera for you to comment/berate/have fun at my expense, but for the moment I need the help of the professionals. I narrowed down my requirements to 3 cameras.

Canon S60
Sony P100/P120
Samsung Digimax V50

While I can find lots of reviews about the canon/sony, i'm afraid there are no reviews for the samsung. Has anybody bought it/used it/ can commnet on it? Thanx in davnce

Long Live Iraq


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