Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Chatting with BS

*sarcasm on*

Here is a fictitious internet chat with an Egyptian chat friend, whom I don’t know, but still managed to convince to vote for Mubarek. For simplicity sake, I will call him BS.

O: Hi are you from Egypt

BS: Hi & yes

O: So you are going to vote for Mubarek

BS: No man, the guy is ill, and old. Also rumours circling around that he is preparing his son to follow him for the presidency.

O: Still that is no excuse not to vote for the one and only “legitimate leader”… Look at it this way, you never criticised him for the corruption, cronyism, and general lack of political tolerance towards the opposition.I mean, come on look at his achievements, according to lots of economic studies, 57% of Egyptians are below the bread line. 1% of the population controls 80% of the economy, and 80% of the population control only 1% of the economy. Now that is egalitarianism for you. Also, about his sons, as you stated they are only rumours.

BS: You may have a point here.

O: Beside, if you don’t vote for Mubarek, all the cheerleaders who will vote, will just wax lyrical anything he or the government does, but if you vote, you will be able to change things from the inside. If you boycott, you will not be represented. You don’t want another few years of no say in the matter.

BS: I live in neighbourhood of cheerleaders, and if I don’t vote, I will not be represented. I will vote for Mubarek, and I’m no “CHEERLEADER”

*sarcasm off*

Dear GM

Re:16th January Blog

I appreciate the wonderful imaginative effort you put in this dialogue/chat with what must to us Iraqis sound like a non-Iraqi at all, regardless of the Sunni/Shia part. First this is not the Iraqi tone, style and expressionism, unless you stumbled on some very humorous Iraqi guy/girl who wanted to make fun of you. If you have ever stepped foot into Iraq, you will know for certain that and sorry to hurt your feelings but in general you would be looked down on as an Egyptian, especially if you sounded like one, it's a specific trait of ours habibi (and other arabs in General toward your lot) because most Egyptians were in Iraq as guest workers and not tourists/consultants on Iraqi history/democracy experts etc..and we Iraqis would not be seen dead consorting with a 'guest' worker unless he/she was a colleague that you could not avoid, or the daughter of an Egyptian guest worker that you were fancying.
So you spoke with an Iraqi, who had the time in this war to chat online with you, bypassing all the electricity blackouts, shitty phone line services, and daily grind of life, but on the other hand wanted to hear about the elections from some "anon", not that he/she is being bombarded daily with info abou it. GM wake up man who are you trying to fool? Your cheerleaders? That’s fine. With this fertile imagination you are guaranteed a job with Seinfeld and any other stand up comic, hey you even beat our own Minister of 'Information' the well known Mohamed Said al-Sahaf


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