Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Excerpts from my reading list

Different style ? are you wondering who this is? well my friend O has kindly allowed me to 'guest write' on his cool blog while he's busy doing other things. Just hope I don't ruin it ;) . O , you can always kick me out ok ?

I will interject this blog with longer passages from some books which I found interesting. This will be called cornily ;) 'Reading list excerpt' ( I couldn't think of anything else obviously) .

Today's excerpt is from Raphael Israeli' s book: The Iraq War; the Regional Impact on Shi'ites, Kurds, Sunnis and Arabs : Hidden Agendas and the Babylonian Intrigue. Quite a long title don't you think, in addition to the fact that Arabs can be both Sunni and Shia while Kurds are mainly Sunni, so I didn't see the point. Never mind, this book is very articulate and you would not want to stop once you start. It is a chronicle of the 2003 war against Iraq. The author is pro-war so for all of you out there thinking 'oh this is a left wing propaganda' : no it is not, plus he is Jewish and was able to write with amazing 'relative' honesty , which made me enjoy the book more.

"The night of 11 April the day after Baghdad had fallen, the buildings of North Oil, like many other public institutions, were stripped bare and set afire; doors and windows were broken; and everything was taken away by Kurds, soldiers and civilians alike. Company cars were packed with fans, tires, bulbs, mattresses, porcelain, flower pots and even drop ceilings to sell as scrap. They took the computers, the trucks, the forklifts, the cranes, the buses, the shelves, the desks, the chairs, the cabinets in the offices where all data was stored, and made off through Kurdish military roadblocks to Kurdish territory. No records were left behind. The result was that a company with 10,000 employees was no longer operational". ( Israeli 2003, p151)

You're telling yourself so what's her point? we all know there was looting in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad. Yes , we do but I wanted to drive home the fact that the Kurdish army and the Kurdish people have been a big part of this looting activity. The Kurds were riding with the victorious liberating 'coalition' forces and were supposedly 'liberators' with them. I guess they believed that they had the same right as that conquering army to loot and steal. My point is that the Iraqi criminal elements were not composed of one single mass, but the Kurds had a great deal of hands in the pie of stealing since they were under the protection of the Peshmerga and the US army. I may be wrong but they did the greatest damage, not the poor souls who stole a few chairs from some buildings. So the tales about hordes of strangers descending on Mosul and other cities to loot then leave may bear a ring of thruth in them .

Signing off Highlander


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